The business landscape has dramatically changed over the last 15 years.  The models of business-as-usual, in almost all sectors, face new challenges due to rapid globalisation, climate change, increasing urbanisation and a revolution in technology as well as intense competition for raw materials and natural resources.  Especially, in our country, because of the crisis which the companies and the society are experiencing, the need for development and innovation becomes imperative.


The normal use of the term “development” is yet incomplete, since it usually refers to Financials, without ensuring the development that will lead us out of the crisis, covering our current needs but without being undermined and the ability of future generations to meet their own. This is the criteria of sustainability, as recorded in 1987, the Brundtland Report.


The UN Agenda 2030 followed by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as agreed by the 193 UN member states on September 2015, including Greece, could fundamentally affect the way we do business around the world.


In this regard, CSR HELLAS and SEVBCSD (SEV Council for Sustainable Development) co-organise on March 2nd, 2017, a Conference entitled “Commitment for sustainable development – 17 global goals for a better common future”, through which the two bodies seek:

  • launch a broader dialogue among companies and stakeholders on the SDGs,
  • presenting good practices that can be used by other companies and stakeholders in adopting the SDGs to business strategies,
  • Highlighting both the cooperation and dialogue between the parties concerned as a pre-requisite for achieving the SDGs and partly of the focal role of businesses and business bodies in this effort.

Enrollment is Free of Charge  


The achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) is a global challenge, but an opportunity for the Greek business community and society, in order to exit from the crisis and the desired development is not an end in itself regardless of consequences, but to achieve, taking into account the broader environmental and social constraints and challenges.


The Conference will gather representatives from international and European organisations, members of the business community, policy makers, NGOs and other stakeholders, to share their views on the challenges, opportunities, and practical solutions for achieving the objectives, in enterprise, local or national level.


At the conference, will feature three thematic sections:

“Agenda 2030” is setting the frame, where High-level representatives from UN and EE will set the frame, while others from UN Global Compact, CSR Europe and WBCSD will present their initiatives that can assist companies to integrate the SDGs to their business strategy and their actions.
“Agenda 2030” as a business perspective, where CEOs from large companies, will present and share their experience based on practical examples about implementing new business models, practices and ideas as well as monitoring their impact to effectively improve their companies contribution to meet the global challenges covered by SDGs.
“Agenda 2030” and the Power of Collaboration, where different stakeholders having experience in collaborative initiatives and cooperative models with companies will refer through practical examples to the benefits and impact of this approach.


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