How do I get to the Conference?

Detailed directions to the venue of the Conference, can be found on our website HERE.


 Is there any visitor car Parking?

Yes. The DAIS Sports Centre has a spacious Parking for all participants in the Conference, without any charge.


 Will breaks take place throughout the duration of the Conference?

Yes. There will be 2 scheduled breaks twenty minutes long, during the conference.


Will the presentations of the speakers be available after the end of the Conference?

Yes. All the material that will be presented throughout the duration of the Conference will be posted on this website. There will be all the files of the presentations and video discussions all over each section of the program.


Can I ask questions to speakers of each panel?

Yes. Through a special application that will there will be a briefing of it on the Conference. But you can contact with the current speaker of the Conference, from HERE.


 Will meals are offered throughout the duration of the Conference?

Yes. During the two scheduled breaks will take place during the conference, will be offered coffee and a selection of light meals (snacks).


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