Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR HELLAS is the first and largest business association in Greece promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Entrepreneurship. Founded in 2000, by 13 enterprises and 3 business associations and today it counts 134 members from all economic sectors.
Its vision is the improvement of the long-term competitiveness of businesses and the whole Greek economy, through the integration of responsible entrepreneurship in the strategy and the basic rules of doing business.
Its mission is to reclaim the principles and practical applications of responsible entrepreneurship for the enhancement of sustainability, innovation and social cohesion at national and local levels.
Its strategy aims at highlighting a new business model pursuing to combine the long term business sustainable profitability with ethical behavior and the broader goals for sustainable development of communities in which businesses are operating.

In this context:
It supports its members by providing information, know-how and specialized services to address their needs and the development of their strategy, in a broader goal of promoting cooperation and the creation of value for all.
Its strategical option is to create and maintain partnerships that strengthen its work at all levels. For that purpose it collaborates with business associations (SEV, FING, ACCI, TCCI, etc.), state-owned and academic bodies as well as organizations of the Civil Society.

It undertakes initiatives that promote the principles and values of CSR and Responsible Entrepreneurship, in order to create a better business environment through participation in programs and contests that highlight excellence, special editions and organization of congresses and events relating to CSR and Sustainability.
It has a leading role in the efforts for the elaboration and adoption in Greece of a national Strategy on CSR, leading the relevant dialogue and actively participating to the actions undertaken by the State, in its effort to define the lines of action of national policy in such matters but also to create the conditions and the collaboration framework of public and private sectors aiming at the optimum performance outputs at all levels.

It is actively involved in all international developments and initiatives for CSR, drawing valuable knowledge and information and representing its members at European and international levels on all CSR and Sustainability issues.
CSR HELLAS is the national partner organization (NPO) of CSR Europe, the leading European business organization for CSR that has developed a network of more than 40 national partners across Europe. CSR Europe, in collaboration with its businesses-members, the NPOs network and other CSR networks from regions around the world, seeks to promote and highlight the contribution of responsible entrepreneurship to the effort of the global community in creating sustainable development and achieving sustainability conditions.
CSR HELLAS is also coordinating the UN Global Compact Network Hellas which was founded in 2008 on its own initiative. UN Global Compact is the largest voluntary business initiative with presence in 160 countries. Since 2009, CSR HELLAS represents in Greece the International Organizations Network CSR 360, which has a presence in more than 70 countries worldwide.


61, Akadimias St. 10679 Athens  | Τ +30 210 33 87422  | F +30 210 33 87424 |[break] |

SEV Council for Sustainable Development

SEV Business Council for Sustainable Development (SEVBCSD), an entity associated with the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, is a civil-law, non-profit association. It was established in 2008 by 31 enterprises, members of SEV with the aim of being the powerful and dynamic agent of those enterprises that wish and can play a leading role among the members of SEV in:

  • promoting Sustainable Development in the Greek business community,
  • providing the necessary dialogue framework for discussing and weighing crucial issues of Sustainable Development among the enterprises, the State and, more generally society.

Within this framework, the Council delivers communication, information and training actions intended for its members and, more broadly, society, as well as partnerships and activities for fostering the concept of Sustainable Development.

SEVBCSD is the National partner of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a world leading Organisation for business on Sustainable Development.


5, Xenofontos St. 105 57 Athens | Τ: (+30) 211 5006 116 | F: (+30) 210 210 3222 929| |


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