HANS DAEMSChair of BoD, CSR Europe


    As Group Public Affairs Officer for Hitachi Europe, Hans Daems holds responsibility for Hitachi’s corporate communications, branding and CSR activities across Europe.
    Hans is responsible for Hitachi’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme in Europe. As such he is involved in setting Hitachi’s global sustainability strategy as part of Hitachi’s global CSR team, as well as developing and implementing Hitachi’s European CSR activities in line with the global strategy.

    Hans is a member of the Board of Director of CSR Europe since 2011. In June 2016 he was appointed Chair of the Board.

    He also leads the overall co-ordination of Hitachi’s Corporate Communications activities in Europe, including Brand Management, Public Relations, Internal Communications, Advertising, Sponsorship, Events and Exhibitions and Website Management.

    Hans has more than 15 years of experience. Before joining Hitachi’s European headquarters in the UK at the beginning of 2008, he worked in different senior roles in the oil and chemicals sector in Belgium, France and The Netherlands. Hans Daems holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics as well as a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences.


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